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I speak about what I've learned as an author of seven thrillers for young adults. First off, there’s the fascinating business of book publishing – what makes a good cover? How much money do I make per book? Where does the rest of the money go? I talk about the essential ingredients for a satisfying thriller, and reveal my toolkit for excelling at anything creative. 


My most popular workshop, How to Write A Thriller, explores the nuts and bolts of thriller writing. Through discussion and exercises, I explain how character, plot, setting, and misdirecting the reader are used to best effect. 


WHAT Schools SAY

“I cannot recommend Sue enough. She was professional and confident, at the same time as being approachable and caring with all the students. She was able to make even the most reluctant students write a range of opening lines and offered them valuable feedback on how to improve their work. In short, they all loved her and have already asked when she can come back.”

— Ratcliffe College

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